Gird Your Wallet: Common Scams Involving Tickets for Shows

When you think about it, tickets and shows is a pretty large industry. It generates enough money to sustain billion dollar industries the world over. So it only makes sense that there will be people with ill-will toward it all. By “ill-will” we’re referring to crooks and criminals that try to divest people of their hard earned money through ticket scams.

In order to help you guys better avoid that occurrence, we’ll be discussing some of the more common scams which involve tickets for shows. Scams like:

“Advance” Tickets

This is quite a common occurrence for popular events like music festivals. There are places and websites that advertise the “fact” that they have advance tickets for a particular event when the official channels have not even begun to sell them yet. A common thing about advance tickets is that they are usually sold at a rather affordable price.

The ‘advance’ tickets are often fakes and merely dupe people into buying tickets that are worthless.

Fake Websites

In the digital sphere of things, it is quite easy for anyone to set up a website and make it look as legitimate as possible. They can try to pass themselves off as the office site for selling tickets of a particular event or celebrity.

When it comes to websites, it is always important to double check if the site is actually legitimate. Always consult with the artist or the agency involved. They will usually make it very clear what the legal sources for tickets are.

Counterfeit Tickets

If this was a perfect world, we would not have to worry about counterfeit anything—especially when it comes to tickets for entertainment. There are people who try to figure out what the official tickets are going to look like and create some pretty convincing counterfeit ones.

The trouble is, no matter how good they look, the bar code that’s assigned to them will trigger the system. So at the end of the day, what you’ve got there is a pretty good imitation but it won’t get you past the gates.

Before You Go

We certainly hope that you’ve never been the victim of a ticket scam. In case you haven’t, we hope that the information we’ve shared today will help to keep you safe when you go out and buy tickets for shows that you want to patronize. It is always important to be informed about new scams that may develop with the technologies of today.

What scams have you almost fallen prey to?

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