Transitioning from outdoor cat to indoor cat


If your cat is an explorer, it might not be an easy thing to keep it indoors. It’s a known fact that cats are safer inside than outside. But there are tips and hack that can help in bringing about that change.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race:

The best advice would be to make the change at a gradual place. Do not pressure the cat to stay in or make him stay in by force. When the cat does wander inside try and keep it in longer by spreading out cat toys that will keep him busy. Keep in mind that some cats make adjust very easily if they put their mind to it. There are times when the cat will hate being inside, it will be miserable and it will let you know the same.

Start when it’s cold:

Winter is the best time to start the training and transition. Cats abhor the cold weather.  They will stay in more and more during winter. This is the best time to make home a fun place for the cat. Scratching posts, cat furniture and condos, cat toys will make the transition fun and easy. Also, this is the best time to introduce the litter tray as well. As the cat gets familiar with the indoor environment and adjusts nicely, it will forget the outside world altogether.

Let the World Go Vertical:

The cats love to climb, they feel secure at heights. The best way to make your house a welcoming place for your cat is by adding shelves and trees. Going vertical will give your cat the illusion of space. He will feel that he has more space climbing up and down, this will also keep it feel fit and active. You can buy cat trees almost everywhere, even online, and you can also make these using DIY tutorials as well.

Let the Outdoor Inside:

Install windows because windows make the best television in the world. Let your windows have perches, and install high birdhouses in front of those windows. This will keep you cat entertained for hours. But make sure that your screens are safe and secure so that your cat doesn’t fall out or injure itself. Having your cat lay out in the patio with you will give him a little taste of outdoor as well.

A cat with blue eyes

Prevent Scratching and Save Your Furniture:

Installing scratch posts will keep you cat from scratching the furniture and upholstery. Its better to provide the cat more vertical space to scratch and climb, that way the cat will your furniture alone. You can also make the furniture unpleasant to scratch by sticking foil and adhesive over the furniture. This will make the cat avoid the furniture altogether

Litter box training:

Outdoor cats are not used to having poop in a litter box. So, when you are introducing you cat to the litter box, make sure the box is bigger and have soft litter in it. the litter in the box should be just like the garden (garden dirt and soil). If the litter resembles the dirt outside it will help the cat adjust to it easily. You can make the box more appealing by setting it up in a wide space and placing a cat scratch post as well as the cat toys beside it too. Do not put the litter box in a closet or confined space. Also, do not cover the box either. The box should be easily accessible for the cat to use all the time. You can make changes as soon as your cat adjusts to the litter box and has been trained immaculately.


Transitions take time, this will too. Take it slow and keep it steady. You will surely win the race in the end.

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