Tricks of the Trade: How to Get Good Prices for Your Tickets

When it comes to getting your hands on some tickets to shows that you really want to see, it pays to be smart. Today, we’ll be discussing how you can get good prices for your tickets. We’ve got our own sets of tips and tricks to secure good deals. Here are a few of them:

Join Newsletters

Every official website for artists, event places, and performance companies has an offer for newsletters. Newsletters are often sent through email and provide a wealth of information regarding the different deals and schedule of events.

It pays to join newsletters especially when you’re always on the lookout for good prices. It also really pays if you’re part of several newsletters. After all, they’re free to join and will empower your choices better when it comes to shows that you can obtain tickets for. Normally, they announce right away if they have any sort of discount promo going on.

Enable Notifications

If you’ve got any apps where you use to buy your tickets, it would always be a good idea to ensure that your notifications are on. This way, you’ll be able to be on top of any announcements that can help you land better deals.

Usually, they will have flash sales which only last for a few minutes or around an hour or two. Notifications aren’t just important for apps. They also work for websites. You can choose to enable notifications for your desktop.

Get Membership

Most physical retail ticket kiosks and stalls often have a membership program. Venues also have membership programs for their regular patrons. What they do is that they provide their members with a better chance of securing better deals and discounts.

They usually get first information regarding any new event or show. This allows them significantly more time in mulling over whether or not they want to pursue ticket buying. Membership also provides patrons with better deals especially if they buy in groups.

Before You Go

Always remember that just because something looks like a good deal does not mean that you should automatically jump on it. Be wary when something seems to be too good to be true. Always practice some well-needed due diligence when it comes to checking out the source of tickets and if the deal is actually legitimate.

How do you get good prices for your tickets? What tips and tricks do you utilize?

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