Smart Watcher: Why You Should Nurse Your Ticket

Tickets sure have gone a long way from being things that were simply used to gain entry past a certain point. In today’s world it actually pays to nurse your ticket. Of course, we’re not talking about literally nursing that ticket (whether in physical or electronic form). We’re talking about holding on to it beyond getting it stamped or punched by the gatekeepers.

There are a lot of reasons why you should nurse your ticket even after you’ve gotten into the event itself. Here are a few of them:

You may need it again

A lot of the time, people have various reasons for needing to exit the event location. The usual practice would be to place a stamp on a wrist or a hand of an attendee so that they may re-enter the venue. The trouble is, there are a lot of people out there that have managed to find a way to build counterfeit stamps to gain entry after the event had already started.

As you may imagine, this has developed into quite a problem for a lot of venue owners and even those hosting events. So they require their attendees to present the original ticket. If you’ve thrown or crumpled the ticket in any way, you’ll be ineligible for re-entry.

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It’s a good memorabilia

Tickets provide a pretty solid piece of memorabilia for the more nostalgic type of supporter. While there are usually merchandise that’s sold at the venue itself, having the physical ticket or a printout of the electric ticket is a really good keepsake.

After all, there are certain merch that’s sold in other areas. However, a particular ticket to a specific date and venue isn’t something that you can buy at other merch kiosks or distributors.

You can make money off of it

Vintage tickets actually go for quite a bit of money when sold to other collectors. There are a lot of specialized shops that can help the sale of any vintage tickets—if you’re willing to let go of it, of course. The market for vintage tickets may not seem all that physically visible but the online market for it is completely booming.

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Vintage tickets have been known to sell for several hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Before You Go

We’ve mentioned time and time again how tickets are the gateways to fun and entertainment—and they really are. What’s great about them is the fact that their usefulness doesn’t end after you have them inspected at the gate. A well-kept ticket can be the source of security at the event, can serve to be a pretty good nostalgic piece, and you may even profit from it!

Have you ever nursed a ticket for a long time? What was your motivation for doing so?