Gateways to Fun: Two Forms of Tickets

People in general tend to put entertainment pretty high on their hierarchy of needs. It is good then that there are always a lot of options for potential audiences to pursue. Options like going to see theater shows, live concerts, movies, and so many others! What all these things have in common is that they usually require goers to purchase tickets for entry.

Yep, tickets! These lovely little buggers that are pretty much the gateways to fun, right? So it’s pretty important to us that everyone is well versed on how tickets work and what forms they come in. Today, we’ll be talking about their forms. Usually, they come in two particular forms which are:


These come in many visages but are usually something that you will be able to physically hold in your hands. They are usually printed by the office of those involved with the event or with the ticket sales branch that you go to.

ticket - Gateways to Fun: Two Forms of Tickets

Nowadays, they can come in forms of cards or bracelets with a code printed on it.


The traditional form of tickets tends to cost extra since materials are needed to dole them out. There needs to be paper, ink, printers, and man power. It only made sense that more and more agencies went in the direction of electronic tickets.

ticket2 - Gateways to Fun: Two Forms of Tickets

These no longer need to be printed at all and merely need the bar code on an app or a program that they use.

Before You Go

Knowing about the forms which tickets take is quite important so you don’t get duped into purchasing any fraudulent tickets that just give people a bad experience overall. In the age of rampant misinformation, it would be wise for any potential audience member to be smart about what they’re getting into.

Have you ever bought a ticket before? What form did it come in?