Know What You Buy: Three Things You Support When You Buy a Ticket

Hello and welcome back to another discussion about tickets for shows. Last time, we talked about the different sorts of events which require tickets. Today, we wanted to talk about what you support when you do buy a ticket.

The Artist or Cause

On a normal basis, the ticket that you buy helps keep the artist or cause in business. While there are people that make their careers out of making a business or joining a company, there are those that try to make money in a different way.

These are the artists of our generation that perform their way through life. They dedicate hours of thought and lots of trial and error in order to come up with something that is worth presenting to the public. One of the primary sources of income of artists (or causes) is the tickets in which they sell. So when you buy a ticket to see a show to support an artist or a band, you actually contribute toward their longevity.

The Event Venue

Event venues are highly useful but can take quite a bit of money to keep operating. Event venues require consistent use of electricity and water. Depending on the types of events that they hold, they tend to generate massive electrical bills on a weekly and monthly basis.

Your tickets and the profit it brings in provide them with the funds to pay off those bills and keep the venue in pristine condition. Think back to the last event venue you were at. How many seats were there? How many people did you see working there? How much do you think they need to make in order to keep things running?

Future Artists

The tickets that you buy today don’t just empower those that are already in business. They are the little seeds that you plant for future artists, causes, events, and talents. After all, seeing that there is an active market for events or whatever it is that they want to do will be a better incentive to pursue that kind of field.

Before You Go

We hope that today’s discussion gave you better insight regarding what you do buy when you purchase any form of ticket. You aren’t just obtaining entertainment for you; you are also providing a pretty good foundation for the lives of others. Whether it’s the artist or cause that you’re supporting or the event place that you’re going to—the residual effects of your support carry through.

What do you think you support whenever you buy a ticket?

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