Go Legit: Why You Should Never Go to a Ticket Scalper

It goes without saying that tickets are often sold within a certain time period only. When people miss the sale period, they tend to get a little desperate and go to unorthodox sources. By ‘unorthodox’, we are of course referring to ticket scalpers.

Scalpers are a sight that is a pretty regular sight to see in big events like concerts and sporting events. While they have access to some pretty good seats, there are a lot of other reasons why you should never go to a ticket scalper. Reasons like:

tix2 - Go Legit: Why You Should Never Go to a Ticket Scalper

They Overprice Tickets

One of the reasons why people are actually tempted to become scalpers is because of the return of investment that they get. They usually buy tickets early and they usually get good seats to boot. What they do is that they re-sell those tickets nearing the day of the event or on the day of the event itself for around 50-150% increase in price.

The Extra Money You Pay Doesn’t Go to the Event or Artist

The reasons why artists and events sell tickets is to get funding for anything they’ve already invested and even pool in funds for future projects. When you buy tickets from scalpers, you spend extra which do not go toward supporting the band, artist, or whatever it is that you’re attending.

tix - Go Legit: Why You Should Never Go to a Ticket Scalper

Scalping is Illegal in Certain States and Countries

While the actual re-sale of tickets (unless they specifically have names on them) is fine, most of the time scalpers tend to buy a significant number of tickets. Scalpers do not pay taxes. That significant money lost on behalf of the legal channels.

Before You Go

It is perfectly fine to feel tempted to purchase a ticket from a scalper if you really want to catch a particular show or event. However, it would be highly prudent for you to remember just what exactly you are supporting when you purchase tickets from a scalper. Think about your own finances in terms of long term and not just short-term gain.

Have you ever bought a ticket from a scalper? How much did you have to pay for it?