How important are "knowledge" to find job opportunities?

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Most people, when it comes to " knowledge ", refer to the recommendations , which, as we know, in Italy (but not only! The whole world is a country!) Are still a fairly widespread phenomenon.

If you do not have the saints in heaven … if there is no one who gives you the nudge, you will not go anywhere! ": This is a phrase that is heard very often around!

Let's ask ourselves this question: "Are the people who have made a career or have found a good job position all recommended ?!"

Probably if we were to count them, we would see that it is only a rather low percentage of the total, even simply because it is not so easy to get a recommendation!

But if we interviewed them, we would find that 30-40% of them found a job or business opportunity or a chance to collaborate as freelancers , thanks to indirect reports or direct offers from friends and acquaintances . For example, someone has received a report from a friend (not necessarily a Top Manager, even a simple employee) who in his company were looking for a figure in line with their profile. Or someone else is called by an acquaintance who needed a collaborator with certain skills to work on a specific project. Sometimes opportunities are also brought by former study or work colleagues!

For example, as I wrote in the previous article, I had the opportunity to publish an article in the Cosmopolitan magazinethanks to a report from a colleague who gave my name to the journalist who was looking for a career coach!

The our network of relationships so it is one of the most powerful resources we have and applies even more money! But it can also be our limit if we do not know how to handle it!

Usually we tend to attend only a small group of people (our close friends, family members, partners, etc.) who represent the so-called strong bonds . These relationships are invaluable to our lives as they provide us with affection, trust and confidence, even in the most difficult moments.

But if we limit our social relations to this narrow circle , we will have very little chance of enlarging our network of knowledge and of building what are called " weak links ".

Weak ties are for example friends of friends , people attending our association or gym … or even the group of facebookthat interests us so much, parents of schoolmates of children, etc., in short, all those people with which we have only indirect or casual relationships.

The weak bonds therefore represent our bridge to the outside … and maybe towards that opportunity of work and business that we are looking for!

That's why the worst thing we can do is lock ourselves in the house, only to meet the people we know for a lifetime (and maybe not doing anything but complain!) And do not use social networks!

What can we do instead to expand our network of knowledge?

1) Attend places or people who share our passions and interests

2) Participate in groups, associations, training courses

3) Share information, comments and opinions on social networks

4) Participate in networking events (by the way … we are organizing a 

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