Finding Gold: Where to Buy Your Tickets for Shows

When you want to see a show, attend a concert, or even go to a sporting event, there is one basic thing that you will need to know: where do you go buy your tickets? This is a rather important question that not a lot of people tend to ask because they usually file it under “stupid questions”. The truth of the matter is, knowing where to buy your tickets is quite important.

There are a lot of options out there and the old methods may not actually work anymore. Here are a few places that you can try to secure tickets from:

Physical Outlets

This is, by far, the more common option when it comes to buying tickets. There are a lot of physical stores which can include outlets of particular venues or even the chosen outlet store of a business or company.

Physical outlets often sell the tickets a bit higher than usual because they need to pay for the cost of running the outlet which can involve electricity, water, and manpower.

Online Stores

A majority of the physical outlets and companies which have outlets have also ventured into online stores which primarily facilitate the sale of tickets. What’s great about these is that they don’t just restrict themselves to tickets for a single show or artist.

Online stores generally run a gamut of options regarding ticket sales. You can buy movie tickets, theater tickets, concert tickets, or even tickets for charity events.


Other than online stores, mobile phone applications are specifically made to facilitate ticket purchases. Apps like Seat Geek are the sort that you can rely upon with your purchases. There are a lot of different apps which various payment options so it will be good to look around before trying out one.

We need to say a word of caution if you’re planning on buying your tickets. You need to make sure that the outlet, online store, and even app is a legitimate one. Read around to find reliable sources for your tickets. Try out different ones if your needs change.

Before You Go

Before you part with your money to buy a ticket, you need to thoroughly look over where you’re buying the ticket from. There are a lot of unscrupulous individuals out there that take advantage of people who do not actually educate themselves about the different ticket sources and the potential dangers lurking underneath the surface of each choice.

Where do you purchase your tickets from? What perks and pitfalls does each have for you?

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