3 Different Types of Venues Which Hold Ticketed Events

In the world of tickets and shows, it would be important to know the sort of places that you can expect to gain access to. This is because different sorts of venues have different conditions that may need a bit more preparation for.

Today, we’ll be looking at the different types of venues which may hold ticketed events. There are a lot of different venues which can hold special events. Knowing some of them can help to manage your expectations and even give you a better idea regarding the dress code. Without further ado, here are 3 particular venues:


Theaters are some of the more formal places that host events. Plays are shows that are put on for other people’s hair-transplantation-turkey entertainment. Theater troupes put in a lot of their time and effort to practice and put on a wonderful show for audiences. It would only make sense that they charge people for their performances.

theater - 3 Different Types of Venues Which Hold Ticketed Events

Theaters are usually comfortable with established seating and have a very strict call time. Usually, late attendees won’t be allowed to enter into the premises as it may distract the actors. Theaters also have a particular dress code so you may want to read up on what sort of dress code is required for the theater performance you’re attending.


Everyone loves movies. Movies are considered to be entertainment events and therefore, event venues. There are usually special screenings that are held in cinemas. Cinemas are usually more lax with their rules. Their only particular rule is to not be a nuisance and to not be disruptive to other viewers.

They also allow food, so that’s great. You can enjoy the movie you’ve been waiting for and enjoy some scrumptious snacks and drinks to boot.


Stadiums are usually the common choice for sporting events like basketball or volleyball or even football. Sport is often a multi-billion dollar industry so it only makes sense that they will require live audiences to buy tickets.

stadium - 3 Different Types of Venues Which Hold Ticketed Events

The proceeds that come from tickets go to the respective teams which play and the stadium itself for upkeep and maintenance.

Before You Go

We hope that today’s discussion helped to ground your general working knowledge about tickets for shows and the event halls or venues which hold them. Knowing some of the different venues can really help better your experience overall. After all, if you’re going to a theater show, it simply will not do to dress in casual wear. You have to dress to match the venue otherwise; you may be declined entry—yes, even if you have a ticket.

What sort of venue area have you been to? What was it like?

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