Know What You Buy: Three Things You Support When You Buy a Ticket

Hello and welcome back to another discussion about tickets for shows. Last time, we talked about the different sorts of events which require tickets. Today, we wanted to talk about what you support when you do buy a ticket.

The Artist or Cause

On a normal basis, the ticket that you buy helps keep the artist or cause in business. While there are people that make their careers out of making a business or joining a company, there are those that try to make money in a different way.

These are the artists of our generation that perform their way through life. They dedicate hours of thought and lots of trial and error in order to come up with something that is worth presenting to the public. One of the primary sources of income of artists (or causes) is the tickets in which they sell. So when you buy a ticket to see a show to support an artist or a band, you actually contribute toward their longevity.

The Event Venue

Event venues are highly useful but can take quite a bit of money to keep operating. Event venues require consistent use of electricity and water. Depending on the types of events that they hold, they tend to generate massive electrical bills on a weekly and monthly basis.

Your tickets and the profit it brings in provide them with the funds to pay off those bills and keep the venue in pristine condition. Think back to the last event venue you were at. How many seats were there? How many people did you see working there? How much do you think they need to make in order to keep things running?

Future Artists

The tickets that you buy today don’t just empower those that are already in business. They are the little seeds that you plant for future artists, causes, events, and talents. After all, seeing that there is an active market for events or whatever it is that they want to do will be a better incentive to pursue that kind of field.

Before You Go

We hope that today’s discussion gave you better insight regarding what you do buy when you purchase any form of ticket. You aren’t just obtaining entertainment for you; you are also providing a pretty good foundation for the lives of others. Whether it’s the artist or cause that you’re supporting or the event place that you’re going to—the residual effects of your support carry through.

What do you think you support whenever you buy a ticket?

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Four Different Types of Events Which Require Tickets

We’ve said time and time again about the fact that tickets are the gatekeepers to fun. Today, we wanted to clarify a little bit more on what sort of ‘fun’ these tickets give you access to. After all, you are spending your hard earned cash when you buy tickets. For any consumer, it would be good for you to know which sort of events normally requires tickets.

Sports Events

Sports are pretty much an international pastime. Everyone’s got their own particular favorite sport and they are normally held in sports stadiums or arenas. They usually require tickets—even when they’re merely held in schools—because it is important to keep supporting teams.

mm - Four Different Types of Events Which Require Tickets

Teams require equipment, travel expenses, and not to mention the fact that if they play professionally, they will need salaries in order to keep doing what they’re doing. Ticket sales help to keep sport events going. This has often been a trope in movies like in A League of Their Own wherein the Rockford Peaches and other teams had to drive up ticket sales in order to keep the league going.


Theater is one of the oldest forms of arts that we have. It spans several centuries and have been cultivated by several civilizations. In today’s modern world, theater is used for more than just entertainment. They spark important conversations and pass down history lessons.

They usually require tickets to keep the theater troupe in business.


Ah, the movies. The generic choice of a date night—not that we blame you! Movie theaters normally charge tickets in order to keep running and to provide profit for the studio, actors, and the other people that worked on the movie.

Movies are a multi-billion dollar industry—something which we all support whenever you buy a ticket.

gmg - Four Different Types of Events Which Require Tickets


Music has been said to soothe the minds of any savage beast. Well, while we aren’t savage beasts (unless music suddenly disappears from the planet), stadiums and concert halls regularly sell tickets for different artists in order for the public to gain entry to their shows.

Concerts offer a live chance for fans to see their favorites in person and feel the energy of the whole arena as they appreciate the same thing.

Before You Go

Knowing the sort of events which require tickets should give you a healthy dose of expectation and reality. When a show which would normally charge for entrance doesn’t, you should consider the implications. It would either be an actually free show or you’ll be paying later on with something else. As a consumer, it would be important to be aware of that.

Which of the different types of events have you been to? Which one did you like the most?

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Knowing What’s Playing: Why You Should Pay Attention to Show Events Lists

A lot of the time, people miss important shows which matter to them because they aren’t up to date on their information. Today, we discuss why it would be important for anyone to pay attention to show events lists.

What are Show Events Lists?

These are generally speaking, lists which detail the dates, venues, and events that will be held. Every artist, sporting event, or even venue halls will have one. These used to come in the forms of giant posters or banners which were placed on the side of buildings.

In today’s world, everything is mostly in a digital form but it doesn’t change their original job. That being said, here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to show events lists:

Knowing Your Options

Most of the time, people get overwhelmed with choices and our lives are full of them. Paying attention to show events lists can help you better understand what your options are with regard to your entertainment choices.

tt - Knowing What’s Playing: Why You Should Pay Attention to Show Events Lists

Catching Sell Dates

Usually, tickets are sold on specific set periods of time. This helps the seller better gauge the level of interest of the public. It also helps them keep better track of the number of tickets being sold at a time. Scalpers tend to buy tickets in bulk and tend to sell them for higher profit margin with virtually no tax.

Catching the sell dates, or at least, knowing about the specific dates will help you better plan your finances and decide if this is one event that you can skip or buy into.

Keeping Updated with Promos

Show Events Lists tend to also list any smaller bonus events that will be held in the particular venue—if the post is put up by them. If a particular troupe or artist has a events list, they also include any promotional periods wherein the tickets may sell for a lesser price than it would cost later on!

tt3 - Knowing What’s Playing: Why You Should Pay Attention to Show Events Lists

If you’re planning on being in the events business one day, keeping up with events lists can help you better understand how they plan events in terms of seasons and locations.

Before You Go

We hope that you’ve learned a little bit more about the benefit of keeping abreast with different show events lists. There so many of them that can be found online. A lot of big bands and other such events announce the dates of their tours almost half a year ahead. Knowing about those dates can better your chances of knowing when the tickets actually go on sale.

When you know when they go on sale, you boost your chances of getting your hands on tickets because you’ve had more than enough time to save up for them. Do you pay attention to show events lists?

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